Monday, March 18, 2013

Drama Teachers Play Option: Let's Mak'em Laugh!

Hello Readers,
Well, it seems as if I have neglected my Drama teachers for awhile.  Here is some content for you and well if any other teacher wants to pass this play on to the Drama Director at their school, by all means, please do.

The play I am going to recommend is a hilarious comedy that I actually performed in myself, in my senior year of high school.  It is called Oprah Made Me Do It!


This play is about two women who come into the bookstore to get Oprah's new book and receive the news that there is only one copy left.  Then, havoc breaks lose as these unique characters, one a strong-willed, bossy, women who blames all the men in her life for her problems, (Patsy) the other a mousy, self-conscious, caregiver of her mother, (Monica) fight over the book and the sarcastic bookstore clerk (Greg) is caught between two women and their battle over therapeutic reading.  Words simmer and fists fly, well, karate fists, in this fast paced, nonstop laughter, comedy.

Why This Play?

It will be great for your school.  Something that can jump start your theater program or just continue to keep it soaring.  I played Patsy, the unforgiving, bossy one.  All the character are funny and the play is short. It runs about an hour long.  There is some swearing, but the playwright gives permission to omit the words if necessary.

Here is the link to a sample of the script, it is not the entire script.  You must pay for that.

Please check it out!
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Aliana ~Theater Lover~
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