Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Welcome to The Teaching Guide for Using Guerilla Theatre to Reach High School Students!

Hello Teachers, Students, and Theater Lovers alike:
Have you ever wished you could bring life to your classroom?  Turn the boring textbooks and recommended assignments into exciting hands-on activities for learning.  Teach the way you would want to be taught and have them learning the way they want to learn.  

Using theater in the classroom is an effective way to make education interesting and interactive.  Drama can be used to teach all subjects through skits, debates, and flash mobs.  I am going to give you helpful lesson plans for using different aspects of theater arts in your classroom.

These drama-based tips and techniques will range from paintings, music, dance to performance and writing.  If you are a new teacher searching for advice on how to make your class exciting and give your students a thirst for knowledge or if you are a seasoned teacher who wants to transform your classroom with creativity and pick up some new methods, this blog is for you!

If you use theater, then you can reach out to your students with theatrical activism by putting on performances for your high school students that deal with issues relatable to their age group such as underage drinking, drinking and driving, school shootings, and the path to life after high school. 

Plays that discuss such social challenges as well as using theater in the classroom will open up a productive and safe learning environment where students can explore their identities and have the freedom to express themselves.  Adolescence is a crucial time for such development and theater can nurture them during this process.
This blog will give you great insight into the adolescent mind.  It will also provide you with helpful artistic approaches to use in the classroom when teaching subject matter as well as provide support for high school students who are struggling with hardships in their everyday lives.

I am a sincere advocate for saving arts in the schools and with your help, using my methods and even sharing yours, we can make a difference. Lets push for arts integration in schools, starting with our theater-centered instruction.

Join me. Bring motivation and inspiration back to your classroom!

Looking forward to your next visit to my blog,
Future Teacher

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