Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Theater as Catharsis for the Youth!

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Guerilla theater, that is, theater used for activism is powerful and it advocates positive change in the world.  As the youth are forming their own opinions and developing their critical thinking skills, they should be exposed to more theater which is used for activism.

Why It Is Important For Teens to Have Plays About Social Issues:

They should be aware about the impact of social issues on their lives.  For instance, if teens are suffering with self-esteem issues, have eating disorders, are being bullied, are addicted to drugs, have been rapped, or any of this sort it would be emotionally comforting for them to be able to relate to these issues by watching a play.  Perhaps they are afraid to discuss their hardships, but they still need help and to be able to have a catharsis, an emotional release of what they are going through.


This TEDx talk discusses how theater can be used to promote a positive social change.  You probably recognize it from an earlier post of mine.  I like it so much, I'm giving to you again!;search%3Atheatre%20and%20education

Theater For Catharsis: How Does It Work?

Theater can give them an outlet for their emotions.  As teachers, it is important that we connect with our students on a personal level.  Our job is not just to educate the youth, but to mentor them.  To relate to them, help guide them through the messy world of adolescence, and to prepare them for life.  How can we possibly do this, if we refuse to get to know them.  As Vygotsky, the famous Russian educational theorist says, in the online teaching program "The Learning Classroom" states "Social knowledge becomes individual knowledge" and therefore much of learning takes place in personal conversations in which students feel comfortable and cared for.  They know that their opinions are valued and their motivation and capabilities increase do to this.

Lets get involved and show them theater that makes a difference.  And don't forget, we need to get to know our students as people, so they may grow as individuals.

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